School Council



Through our School Council meetings, every child can express their views and raise important matters for their class to discuss. Each class is represented by children who have been either elected by their peers, or nominated by their class teacher so that children representing Inclusions are also present.   Every child has the right to put themselves forward but must explain to the class why they would make a good School Councillor.  The School Councillors then attend School Council meetings with Mrs Pinnell where they listen to the views of other classes and share the views and ideas from their own class.

The School Councillors for this school year are as follows:

Sharks – Ella, Byron and Dexter
Seahorses – Katie, Spike and Sofia
Crabs – Oliver
Dolphins – Sophie

Two Councillors are chosen to represent the school at The Hayling Schools Together Council meeting.  At this meeting they are able to discuss and make decisions on whole Island issues.