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Year 1

 Autumn Term 2017

Welcome to Year 1

It has been good to welcome the children into their new Year 1 classes. It has been fantastic to see how well they have settled into Sharks and Stingrays – they are already growing in confidence.

For the first two weeks our topic was ‘All about me’. This enabled the children to tell us all about themselves, their likes and dislikes and about their families. The children had fun painting and drawing pictures of themselves. The teachers used this initial two weeks to assess the children and compare this to the children’s achievements in Year R.

One of the assemblies so far this term was given by children who had previously attended Drumming Club. Some of our children had the opportunity to take part.

As part of a whole school activity, we have taken part in Tuesday challenges. Our first involved the children working in groups to find ways to stop an egg smashing when dropped – what fun the children had! Some of them were very inventive.


Unfortunately, not too many survived!

The following week, the challenge was to create the tallest structure they could – using spaghetti and marshmallows.


There were some sticky situations!

We have just started our topic for this half term ‘Run, run as fast as you can’. The children were astonished to find that the Gingerbread Man had camped in our garden over the weekend!


We all wrote letters to the Gingerbread Man to ask him why he had been in our school. We have been learning the story of the Gingerbread Man and have put actions to the words.

We are now able to recite the story independently. Before beginning to write about the story we have carried out lots of drama and hot seating activities.


In maths we have been making their own number lines using Numicon and other objects.


We are moving onto learning about 1 more/ 1 less and carrying out practical addition and subtraction challenges.

Another activity this week was when we talked about elections. We found out how Members of Parliaments are elected and how adults vote. We then talked about what qualities we would like to see in our Class Councillors. The children then decided whether they would like to stand for election. Finally we carried out our secret voting.


Another exciting activity this week was our trip to the park.


We collected items of nature to put on our sticky strips. We searched around the field to collect little paper gingerbread men that the Gingerbread Man had left when he visited the part before us. We played some games and we also had a great time in the playground.


We are very excited thinking about all the great activities that we will be taking part in this half term.

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