Year 2

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Year 2 Topic Letter Summer 2

Year 2 Homework Summer 2

Year 2

In order to leave your child with some very special lasting memories we attempt to ensure that the children’s last year at Mengham Infants is full of exciting learning opportunities.  Our aim is to inspire all children to read, write and progress in their mathematics skills through purposeful stimulating topics.

We started this year with Traction Man as our topic.  The children learned the story and actions by heart and then progressed to innovating the text with different characters. 

Finally, individual adventure stories were written which were made into a class book.  After story writing the children progressed to writing instructions for Traction Man, for example telling him how to rescue the silver spoons!  In maths the problems and tasks were based around Traction Man, for example which 2D and 3D shapes could be used to build a vehicle.  Such ideas were then carried out in D+T sessions, when the children had the opportunity to create models and then carry out science work on forces. 

The first half term finished with Arts Week.

  Year 2 focussed on the work of Kaffe Fassett and created some marvellous works of art of their own.  This work is now on display in the entrance corridor.

 Year 2’s topic for Autumn 2 is Guy Fawkes. 


Their topic hook on the first day was to have a big bonfire in school on top of which was a Guy they had made.  This was followed by soup and rolls. 

In English the children are working on information texts.  They have learned some information about a boy called Tom and can recite this information with actions.  They then began to write information texts about Tom, learning how to set out their work, including titles, captions, illustrations, text, etc.  This week they have been finding out information about their teachers and presenting this information, and next week the series of work will conclude with the children presenting the information about Guy Fawkes they have learned in history.


In maths the children are presently working on multiplication, setting out their answers as repeated addition, using the times sign, and showing their working as an array.

This term is proving to be very busy but great fun.  We look forward to sharing the rest of this school year with you.

Family Learning Session 19.01.17