What our parents say!

Year R

'When at home , he will ask to read to us or show us his writing, which shows how much his confidence in himself has soared.'

'He has made a multitude of friends in all years and really looks forward to school each morning.'

'At home he's talking about phonics, singing the ABC song & recognising letters on cereal boxes etc.'

'He has settled in very well. He runs to school every morning.'

'I am very pleased with how he is doing, he seems to have learnt a lot in such a small time.'

'We are very happy that our son has settled in so well and looks forward to school everyday.'

'She is learning and playing well,  I'm happy to send her to school.  She sings the song she learnt in school.'

'She has settled so well. I'm really pleased.'

'I feel our daughter has been very well supported by all and the transition to "Big School" has been very positive (in spite of my many worries beforehand!).'

Year 1                                                                                                                 

'Wow! Lots of work done. I’m very impressed with her books.  She’s very settled in class and happy to come in in the mornings.'

'He has settled in better that ever. He has really progressed at home since starting in year 1 and really enjoys learning and have noticed a big improvement in his progress. I am one happy mummy, thank you for all your hard work and time and effort to help him show his ability.'

'He loves coming to school and really enjoys doing his maths. He likes doing his homework and challenging himself at home.'

'We feel like his handwriting and reading has come on well. His confidence has grown, and he enjoys coming to school.'

'She is very happy in Starfish group and likes school.'

Year 2                                                                                                           

'I feel she is doing very well and is happy in her learning – she is always practising her maths at home and teaching me what they have been learning!  All in all fantastic start to the year and huge thank you to you guys for that!'

'She has settled in well to year 2 – she loves school!  I am confident that she is doing well with all aspects of her work.'

'We felt that this has been the easiest settling period so far. We are really proud of her progress and can see her learning every day.'

'We are very pleased with how well she is progressing.  She appears to love school and started her maths workbook as soon as we got home. Thank you!'

'She loves school! The atmosphere and teaching environment that the teachers/hed have created is excellent – so much so that she comes home and sets up her own “school” in her bedroom!'

'He is happy in his class and has good friends.'

'She moved from another school to this school and has come along so well.  She is very happy here and has become more confident and her reading has come along great, thank you for all your support.'

'She has always loved going to school and she still does.  She often speaks of what she did during the day at school and how she enjoys her lessons, she always comes still full of beans!'