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Arts Week


During Art Week Year R children learnt about the artist Kandinsky.

 Kandinsky is famous for abstract art. We focused on his piece of work called 'Squares with Concentric Circles'.


We used lots of different media and material to recreate his artwork and used the idea of circles to create trees.

 We used tissue paper, buttons, pom poms, glitter, string to create collages. We also used potatoes and carrots to print using paint.

 We have displayed some of our work in the corridor for everyone to see.


Year 1

During Art week in Year 1 we looked at pattern and how artists use different patterns in their work. We focussed on the artist Pablo Picasso who created a style of art called Cubism.

This is where lots of different shapes are put together to make a picture. He has made lots of funny ones of people that we loved looking at.

We decided to create our own Cubism pictures so we drew round lots of 2D shapes to make a picture. Some of our designs included houses, robots, people, trees and landscapes.

We also learnt about God through our RE lessons and thought about what we think God looks like and what God is like. We looked at the Christian God and what they believe God looks like, which we found was very different to what Hindus believe God looks like. Hindus have many Gods and they all look very different. We looked at the Hindu God Ganesh who has an elephant head. We learnt the story of how he got his elephant head which we found very interesting. Through what we learnt about the different Gods we then created some art work to portray them. We made finger paintings of Ganesh’s elephant head which we think look fantastic. We also talked about the Hindu festival of Diwali and created our own Rangoli patterns. These are patterns that Hindus create using different materials, usually coloured rice or chalk, that are drawn onto the floor during the festival of light.

Year 2

During Art Week, October 2016 Year 2 children learnt about an artist called Kaffe Fassett. 

Kaffe is famous for his design in knitting, tapestry and fabric for patchwork.  He used bold, colourful designs which was ideal for the children to re-create.


After researching his work, the children painted and printed fabric making lanterns and blocks which were made into a large quilt.

 All of this work can be seen in the corridor at school.  It looks fantastic!

 Quotes from the children: