Special Educational Needs at Mengham Infant School 

At Mengham Infant School we value the opinions of parents in identifying their child’s special educational needs. In addition, we work closely with Pre schools, liaising with key staff in order to identify problems at an early stage and continuing any contacts with external agencies such as the Educational Psychologist, Speech and Language Therapy and Behaviour Support and Child and Adolescent Mental Health. 

In the child’s Reception Year there are interventions in place within the Early Years Area to support identified learning, social or emotional difficulties. Adaptations to the environment may need to be made to address physical or sensory needs. If the child’s needs are judged to be long term and complex, he/she will be placed on the school’s SEN Register and, if necessary, further advice sought from appropriate external agencies. The school also values the support offered from Waterloo School and Riverside School Outreach Services. 

As they progress through the school, children placed on the Special Educational Needs Register continue to receive additional support from the teacher and the learning support assistant attached to their class. Additional support may be given using structured programmes delivered by the Learning Support Team. The child’s response to these programmes is monitored for effectiveness. Social and emotional development is supported by an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant and the child may attend the Nurture Group. The school continues to refer to appropriate agencies and Outreach Services for additional advice and programmes of support. 

Throughout the child’s progress through the school, parents and children are involved with setting and reviewing targets aimed at achieving small steps of progress. Parents are fully involved when referrals are made to external agencies. 

Our Inclusion Manager, in liaison with teaching staff, is responsible for the identification of special educational needs and the provision and monitoring of appropriate support. All staff aim to be accessible and to use parental expertise and support, in addition to appropriate interventions, in order to address the child’s needs as effectively as possible. These may range from physical or sensory difficulties, speech and language difficulties, behavioural and emotional problems or learning needs.