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Friday 9th October is World Mental Health Day.  Please click on this link to download a letter giving details of our  #Hello Yellow Fundraising event.
Tuesday 22nd September 2020
With everything going on at the moment we may have parents, children or members of our community feeling anxious or overwhelmed. We are here to help and support you!
Here are a few ways of supporting your child's self-care and mental health.
In the section below we have provided links for websites with activities and support that can help to support positive mental health and improve happiness.
This has lots of ideas for activities to improve you and your child's happiness:
Brilliant for help on how to support young people's mental health. If you have a moment explore this website for informative and helpful information:
This Facebook page for CAHMS has a wealth of helpful and inspiring memes and activities to support young people's mental health
This NHS section for mental health (Every Mind Matters) has lots of help and support
This link will take you straight to the 'support hub' for Barnardos
This link is to the Anna Freud website who started Mentally Healthy Schools. Select 'on my mind' from the tabs - there is so much support and held
Please click on the link for more details about the School Nursing Text Messaging Advice Service
School Nursing Text Messaing Advice Service