School Meals

Our school lunches are provided by award-winning caterers HC3S                                                                    

At HC3S, the ethos is about tasty food to help your children flourish. And to do that it helps if they eat a healthy diet.  By providing nutritious food, cooked fresh every day and which is responsibly sourced, they give your children a balanced diet with choices that aid concentration levels and give them energy to focus and to play.

But HC3S go a step further. They also want children to understand about healthy lifestyles and take this positive message into adulthood. That’s why they’ve created a ripple (not just raspberry) with our ‘Ready Steady Cook’ sessions which are fun and engaging and why they introduced the ‘Food to Flourish Classroom’ to help teachers educate children using food  in a way that cuts across the curriculum.

Where opportunity arises, HC3S bring live cooking and workshops to the classroom and sometimes, out of the classroom, through partnerships with their suppliers and other local food organisations. HC3S love schools to join in celebrations for Nutrition and Hydration Week, British Food Fortnight, and National School Meals Week as key events in the food and drink calendar which are lots of fun.




Theme Days

We hold theme days to fit in with what your child is learning at school. Even if your child doesn’t usually have a school lunch, why not get them to try one on a theme day and join in the fun?

We offer theme days throughout the school year and provide bright and colourful posters to advertise them to parents.

Not only do we have a range of theme days that are linked to festive celebrations such as Christmas or Saint Georges’ Day, but we work with schools to develop bespoke ones linked to the curriculum, such as Viking Day or Victorian Day. Theme days help the children learn about what life was like years ago or what people eat in other parts of the world.

We aim to create menus that fit the theme whilst ensuring that the children still get the right balance of calories and nutrition.

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