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Curriculum Committee:  Emma Topazio-Collis; Peter Cole; Rebecca Van Beers; Julie Collins; Andy Young; Lindsay Rebbitt


The Curriculum Committee work to ensure the curriculum offered by the school is exciting, challenging and inspiring; and that it instils a lifelong love of learning.  We regularly review and evaluate the learning and pupil achievement in all subjects and for all children, paying particular attention to those who are vulnerable.  We seek to identify any areas of concern and ensure that adequate strategies are in place to make improvements.  We contribute to the annual creation of the school learning and improvement plan, monitor its impact on learning and the progress made on achieving its goals.

Peter Cole is a local Methodist Minister who lives in Mengham. He has a passion for reading and stories and has worked as a volunteer reader and storyteller at the school for over 10 years.

Emma Topazio-Collis is an Early Years teacher at the school and also the Early Years leader.  She is currently on maternity leave but is due back in 2018.