Our Curriculum

Our staff worked together to encapsulate the vision for our school curriculum and the pedagogy that underpins it.  This is summarised in the attachment below:

Our Mengham Curriculum and Pedagogy

Subject Overviews

Our subject Leaders have thought carefully about the National/Early Year curriculum Frameworks, our school context and our school values to devise subject skills progressions for their subjects.

These skills progression documents are used by our teachers when planning their subject learning journeys each half term in order to ensure that the children's skills build and develop as they move through school.

The skills progressions ensure all our teachers understand the skills that have come before and the skills that will come next.

These skills progressions have also been shared with both island junior schools so that they can continue to use the children's prior learning to inform their plans and practise.

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Speaking & Listening    



Our Curriculum Promise

Our staff recognise that there is a need to enhance our curriculum in order to develop the cultural capital of our pupils and address the disparity that can be caused through disadvantage.  Part of our work on addressing this gap is done through our Curriculum Promise.  At the start each year our Curriculum Promise Leader carries out some work to investigate the types of extra curricular activities the children in our school have experienced.  Using this information she then manages a small budget to plan a series of learning experiences to tie in with each year group's topic and skills based learning. This could be through trips, visitors or access to specific resources/texts.  In addition to this teachers think carefully about the experiences and knowledge children need in order to access their learning appropriately, i.e., how can we expect children to access a topic about boats if they have never actually seen a real boat, or create a puppet show when they have never watched one.  Our curriculum promise is designed to ensure that all children start their learning units with the same levels of knowledge and experience and to enhance their curriculum in order to build their cultural capital.

Our Safeguarding Curriculum

Safeguarding plays a key role in our school.  Alongside compliance of requirements and a culture where safeguarding is always a priority we work hard to ensure that children are being taught a range of ways to keep themselves safe, manage their mental health effectively and become good citiens.  These topics are embedded throughout the curriculum in an age appropriate manner.

Safeguarding Curriculum Overview (please link on the link below)
Safeguarding & Health and RSE Curricula


Mrs Lindsay Rebbitt

Safeguarding Lead

Mr Andy Young

Curriculum Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

 Mrs Barbara Hemsley

SENDCO and Arts Lead

Mrs Emma Topazio-Collis

EYFS Leader and Assessment and Data Lead

Mrs Sophie Carter

English Lead

Mr Paul Lunnemann

Maths and Computing Lead

Mrs Katie Pinnell

RE/PHSE/Curriculum Promise Lead

Mrs Caroline Hoare

Humanities Lead

Mrs Gena Dansey

Science Lead

Mrs Melanie Simms

PE/Community Links Lead

Mr Mark Mathews

Library Lead