Safeguarding at Mengham Infant School

To ensure all members of our community are absolutely clear on what safeguarding looks like in our school we have prepared the following information:

Safeguarding, or Child Protection as it is also sometimes called, is a key priority of all schools and something we are required to monitor closely in line with legal requirements set out in the document  Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2016.  

As the name implies safeguarding is all about keeping children safe from any type of harm. This could be physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect or any form of radicalisation.  

Sadly, we still hear regularly of cases in the news where children have been let down by professionals who have been working with them and where concerns have not been addressed until it is too late and that is why our staff take their safeguarding responsibilities very seriously.

Every school has a Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). This is a member of staff who has attended comprehensive Safeguarding training and is responsible for ensuring  that all staff are aware of their safeguarding duties.  In our school Mrs Rebbitt is the DSL. Mr Young has also taken part in all his Designated Safeguarding training and is therefore able to deputise for Mrs Rebbitt when she is out of school.

All staff and volunteers in our school receive Safeguarding training and are asked to report any concerns they have about a child or parent’s safety to the DSL so that they can decide what our next steps need to be. 

Wherever it is safe to do so and is felt not to cause any further risk to the child, the DSL will speak to parents regarding any concerns that have been raised.  Concerns that could lead to a child or parent being considered “at risk of threat of significant harm” MUST be reported to children’s services as part of our legal duty. Where it is felt that talking to parents before informing Children’s Services would put a child at further risk or cause an investigation to be obstructed school will ring Children’s Services without first talking to the parent or carers.  Children’s Services will then decide how they want parents to be informed and school will follow their advice.

We understand that parents and carers may find conversations around these concerns upsetting and difficult and may even feel it is a personal attack against them but our priority will always be around keeping children safe and we therefore have a duty to take all concerns seriously.  We try to keep these conversations as objective as possible, dealing only with facts, in the hope that it helps parents and carers to see that this is not a judgement but an opportunity to share important information. 

Ultimately, we would hate anything to happen to a child because we didn’t act appropriately and therefore would hope that all members of our school community fully understand why we need to follow the procedures we do.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety of any child or adult in our school community then please use the link below to contact the relevant agency.

Alternatively you can report your concerns to us directly at school via the following e mail address. Please be aware that we have a legal responsibility to pass on information to Children’s Services where appropriate.