SEND Local Offer & Report


What kinds of SEN does our School Provide For ?

How do we identify SEND Children in our school ?

How do we consult with parents of children with SEN ?

How do we involve children with SEN in their education ?

How do we assess and review children’s progress ?

What is our approach to teaching children with SEN ?

How do we adapt our curriculum and learning environment for children with SEN ?

How do we ensure the adults working with our SEN children have the right skills ?

How do we evaluate our provision for SEN ?

How do we ensure our school is inclusive for children with SEN ?

How do meet children with SEN’s emotional and social needs ?

How do we involve other agencies to support our children with SEN and their families ?

How do you decide what funding my child receives for support with their SEN ?

How do we handle complaints from parents of children with SEN ?

What happens when my child moves on ?

How can I find out more ?


SEND Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
SENCo Special Educational Needs Coordinator
IPA Inclusion Partnership Plan
ELSA Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
SEAL Social, Emotional Aspects of Learning
CAMHS Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service
EHCP Educational, Health, Care Plan
EMAS Ethnic Minority Achievement Service
EMTAS Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service
FOMS Friends of Mengham School